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How to Apply for 30 Days Dubai Visa Easily?




Dubai is one of the dream destinations for travellers around the world. The architecture, natural beauty, culture, luxury and elegance of the city attract thousands of tourists to this beautiful city every year. If you are a USA citizen, a GCC member or citizen of one of the European countries, you do not require a visa to enter Dubai or UAE. You would be awarded with a visa on arrival, and you can stay in the city or anywhere in the country for 30 days.

However, if you are not part of any of these countries, you would have to procure a 30 days Dubai visa before you leave your home country.


30 Days Visa

The 30 days visa is great for people who want to spend more than 2 weeks (or 14 days) in Dubai. With this visa, you can travel and stay anywhere in UAE for 30 days. It is ideal if you plan to explore Dubai and other Emirate cities thoroughly, or even if you are visiting your close family or friends in the UAE. This visa is valid for 58 days from the date of issue, and you must travel before the expiration date on your visa. It is not possible to extend this visa, and hence if you plan to stay in UAE for more than 30 days, it would be best to apply for a long term visa (90 days) beforehand. This will obviously cost you more.

Visa Application Process

The 30 days visa requires several documents which you need to submit at the UAE embassy in your city. After you have submitted all the documents along with the visa fee, you will receive the visa in 3-4 business days. There are some countries that offer the provision of online UAE visa process. If you are planning to spend 30 days in UAE, here are the documents that you would need.

Documents for 30 days in UAE

  • Photocopies of the first and last pages of your passport (6 months minimum validity) are mandatory while applying for 30 days Dubai visa.
  • Clear passport size photograph taken against a white background is necessary. The photo should be not be blurry and should show your face clearly.
  • You have to book your tickets to Dubai before applying for a visa as you need to send a proof of your confirmed return tickets along with the other documents.
  • Copy of your host’s passport and residential visa is also required. He or she would also have to provide a security cheque which would only be encashed if you do not return to your country before the visa expires.
  • Apart from the details of the host, you have to submit ID and photo proof of two other locals (living in different addresses).
  • If you are visiting the country on business purpose, you have to attach the invitation letter from the host company with your application form.
  • Those who are visiting Dubai as a tourist and do not know anyone who lives there have to submit a copy of their confirmed hotel or tour booking.
  • If you have being to Dubai or any other Emirate city in UAE before, you need to provide the copy of the passport page where the exit stamp was made.
  • If you are submitting these documents online, make sure that the scanned copies are blurred. Even the photocopies you submit should be clear copies, otherwise it could lead your visa application to be rejected.
  • The application form that you have to submit should have no errors. Even a spelling mistake should be avoided under all circumstances.

Getting a 30 days Dubai tourist visa is easy if you follow all the rules correctly. To ensure that you get your UAE visa readily every time you apply for it, you must leave the country before the validity of your visa expires.

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