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Dating Bucket List: 8 Activities to Add in Your Little Black Book



Dating Bucket List

Your love shouldn’t fizzle if your dates start to go from “dreamy and romantic” to “bummer.” You don’t have to leave your partner if he or she is running out of date night ideas. There are several activities you can do besides going to the movies and watching the latest rom-com.

You can start by creating a dating bucket list. Having a list of activities to do can save you time from coming up things do on days when nothing comes to mind. Instead of checking Greenbelt movie schedule, you can refer to your little black book for date ideas to spice things up. The activities below are some of the things to try out for an A+ date night.

1. Set dating rules

A relationship without rules is carefree, but it isn’t stable. Sometimes, people aren’t clear with their intentions on each other. They end up hurting one another in the process. To avoid such scenarios, you can establish dating rules. Having some rules to follow makes each other’s boundaries clear to both parties. It also ensures that each person knows what they’re getting into before things get serious. The rules can be as simple as “not wearing flip-flops or sandals when going out” to something serious like “not dating other people without letting the other person know.”

2. Have a spa day

Instead of going on your separate ways to make yourselves look good, why not try doing it together? You can have a mani-pedi session, foot spa, and a facial. You can also go for your monthly trims and hair treatment. You can end your day with a couples massage. If you seldom have time for such luxuries, then you should

3. Reserve a table

Reserve a table at a five-star restaurant. Once in your dating life, you and your partner should try out an expensive restaurant. You should splurge on a three-course meal without hesitation. It provides a break from fast food and homecooked meals you always fail to execute correctly. A night at a five-star restaurant is also one way to get to know the little things about each other. You’ll know who’s willing to foot the bill or who can keep the conversation going until the end of the night.

4. Take a hike

Doing physical activities together is not only a test of strength. It is also a test of endurance and patience. How long can yourself from complaining about the heat? How long can you last without using your phone? Can you stop yourself from calling out your partner who takes lots of selfies while walking? How about telling him or her that he or she is holding up the line? You’ll only find the answer to these things when you invite your partner for a hike.

5. Buy a book you’ll both read

Visit a bookstore and browse the titles together. See if you can find a book that interests you both. Get one or several titles you can read and swap once you’re through. That way, you’ll have something to discuss the next time you meet. You can trade ideas, discuss the plot and character development. It’s more stimulating than talking about the same people and things.

6. Sing a duet

Singing is a highly underrated activity. Other people don’t encourage you to sing when you don’t have a good voice. Thus, lots of people end up being shy when holding a microphone. Get over your stage fright and encourage each other to sing a duet. You can belt a famous pop tune or try singing a ballad. You can laugh at each other singing offkey while swaying along with the music.

7. Take a dance class

If you can’t sing properly, you can always learn how to dance like a pro. Sign up for dancing classes to improve your moves. It’s a great way to practice for your first dance on your wedding day. It’s also a fun way to break a sweat. You can watch each other make mistakes and encourage one another to practice the steps by yourselves.

8. Revisit the spot where you first kissed

Take time to appreciate your relationship. You can visit the place where you first kissed to see how far you’ve come. You’ll see how much your relationship changed and improved over time when you reminisce all your “firsts.”

Dating is exciting. There’s no reason for your dates to become boring or repetitive. Sometimes, you must think out of your comfort zone to come up with activities that make your heart soar. These are examples of those activities which you should also add in your dating bucket list.

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