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Hotels 101: How a Five Star Hotel Differs from the Others



“I love hotels for their solitude and comfort. But I believe a seedy one can have as much promise as a plush one.” -Freema Agyeman

What are hotel stars really? And what do they designate? How does a four-star hotel differ from a five-star hotel? Well, hotel star rating systems are widely recognized as the one definitive way to assess a hotel’s overall quality. While that remains universal, what a quality hotel would mean is largely subjective—it can mean anything from the service you are afforded, the maintenance down to the amenities of the hotel. Furthermore, hotel star ratings significantly differ from one another, but they do have notable similarities.

Although there have been no international guidelines set for hotels across the world to adhere to, stars can universally attest to a particular hotel’s level of service, cleanliness, location, cleanliness and most importantly, price. If you have been around the Philippines, you would know that there it already has a fair share of five-star hotels. Hotels in the Philippines do come in different star ratings after all, and more often than not, these five star hotels are big and established hotel chains.

So, what exactly makes a five-star hotel? And how does it differ from the other hotels? Well, perhaps identifying the characteristics of the stars awarded to a hotel would help you distinguish them better.

1. One star hotels

One star hotels are incredibly basic, and so are the options. Depending on where the country is situated, some rooms are needed to qualify. Apart from that, the hotel must be open seven days a weel during their operating seasons and staff should be available for receiving guests. Amenities such as a private bathroom are hard to come by, and they are mostly common. Lastly, there would be no bars or restaurants in the hotel.

2. Two-star hotels

More often than not, two-star hotels are roughly the same with one-star hotels in a sense that the rooms only come with the necessities. However, most two star hotels would have a TV and a telephone in the rooms. Additionally, private rooms would have their own bathrooms, and the hotel comes with a restaurant or at least a bar on site. Furthermore, cleanliness, maintenance, and services rendered are of a much higher caliber than that of a one-star hotel.

3. Three-star hotels

Three-star hotels come with several different categories when it comes to rooms. Additionally, gym facilities, conference rooms, and a restaurant would be available. Room service and WiFi should also be readily available in these hotels in order to qualify. In-house guests can reach the front desk and reception through the internal telephone systems.

4. Four-star hotels

Four-star hotels are expected to render a service of a much higher caliber than their lower level hotel star counterparts. They have a lot more staff, and the amenities they offer are a lot more extensive. Four-star hotels would generally provide concierge services and would usually come with a gym and a swimming pool. Apart from that, 24-hour access to room service must always be provided, and the food and beverage options are of quality as well. Lastly, bathrooms are private and should contain showers that have hot and cold adjusting options.

5. Five-star hotels

It would be no question that five-star hotels would encompass all the facilities included in a four-star hotel and more. Customer care must always be top-notch, and the staff should be excellent as well as accommodating in order to adhere to a high standard. Apart from this, five-star hotels should contain at least one permanent suite—usually comprised of three separate rooms (bedroom, lounge, and bathroom)–and it should be readily available to rent anytime.

However, high-end hotels would offer far more luxurious amenities—depending on where you are situated. These are the hotels that receive guests from all over the globe, so they have a universal standard to adhere to.

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