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New Zealand Stag Hunting Trip



Hunting Trip

Hunting is made fun and filled with comfort with the New Zealand stag hunting trip. A unique safari spread out around 18,500 acres. Comfort and adventure both combined together to make a trip memorable one. You will feel as if the whole world is spread out in front of you to show off you hunting skills.

You can try you to hand on red stag, Himalayan tahr, chamois, fallow bucks, wapiti and many other species. Running at the back of stag and hitting the trigger is done both on land and in air.

Hunting with full comforts

Manuka point lodge is set in the middle of the Alps, where you are surrounded by mountains on all sides. The lodge is designed to give you home effects, with all the facilities that you will need. It is well connected in all ways through phones and satellite televisions and wireless connections. You won’t feel that you are lost at any point of your adventure. Experienced guides are provided, they will assist you at all the point and will lead you to fulfil you hunting thirst.

Once you enter the place you will feel your breath and you blood will push you to start hunting at that instant. The lodge is designed with great comforts, you will feel at home. Great cosy fireplace will comfort you when you are exhausted. Filled with art work and you can see various pictures and photos of great hunting achievements.

You need to care you tummy at any place, hunting will make you more hunger for good food. All types of foods is been provided and taste buds are made to dance. The comfort is made great that you will not feel like leaving the place. New Zealand red stag hunting is a great break for people who would like to fulfil their hunting mission.

Memories to be cherished always

The hunting experience you gain here will be cherished throughout your life time. The comfort and the options provided by them to fulfil you hunting craze are ample. You can go chasing the red stag on land to some extent and if you wish to try out your hand in the valley then they provide you with helicopters.

Trained pilots are there to assist you in your hunting. They will guide you the place where you can stand to achieve your hunting targets. Hunting can be done with less tension of getting lost in the valley. You need not worry about your whereabouts but continue to chase your pray.

Hunting can be enjoyed only if your mind is free of such doubts of getting lost. You need not carry any of your hunting suits to New Zealand stag hunting trip, all will be provided by them. There are various kinds of packages that you can choose to accomplish your hunting experience. Once you enter the valley you will never feel like leaving it as it will spark the hunter in you.

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