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Things to Know Before Going on a Solo Travel



Solo Travel

“Solo travel not only pushes you out of your comfort zone, but it also pushes you out of the zone of others’ expectations” –Suzy Strutner

Things to Know Before Going on a Solo Travel

Often, there are some travails in life that would require us to take a breather and enjoy a journey by ourselves. These self-imposed solo excursions are excellent not only for enhancing one’s independence but for discovering more about yourself and what you are capable of. Though many might not consider attempting such venture, everyone should at least try it at least once in their lives as the experience can be truly liberating. If you have booked an airline ticket and are planning to travel alone, here are need to know things before you hop on the plane so that you can enjoy your trip without the people at home needlessly worrying about you.


1. Make sure someone back home has all of your contact info and other important details

Although it is imperative that you get a semblance of travel insurance should you be traveling alone, it is also important that someone back home has all the necessary details as regards your trip. This would mean that they would know your contact information, your itinerary and the places you would be visiting. Letting them know all of this essential information would not only lessen their worry about your trip but should anything go awry or should there be an emergency, you have an immediate contingency plan.

2. Make copies of important paperwork (passport, social security card, etc.

Travelling alone, albeit cathartic and invigorating, can put you at greater risk of getting robbed or mugged considering that you would be an easier target compared to those traveling in groups. Should this occur and some essential items would get stolen or lost such as your ID, it would be much easier for you to get a replacement if you already have proof of your identity on hand. Before you leave, make sure you make copies and duplicates of these in your laptop, phone and on paper.

3. Occasionally “check in” from the road

Ever since the advent of social media’s “check in” feature, people have become rather nifty at letting people know where they are without the need of sending multiple emails and the like. Post an occasional photo of where you are at and let your network of friends back at home know that you are safe and enjoying your solo vacation. If you have a huge network of acquaintances, it would be best to keep your post available and viewable only to close friends and family.

4. Make plans ahead of time

Although much of the beauty and allure of solo travel lies in the spontaneity when it comes to making travel plans, this does not mean to say you should disregard making plans altogether and start visiting places at random. It is still important to have some semblance of a plan to avoid potential headaches later on. You may not exactly need to iron out every detail of your trip, but at least nail down the essentials such as knowing where you would stay and how you could get there before a journey. Once these has been laid out and when you are finally settled in, you can immerse yourself in random activities as much as you want.

5. Learn to celebrate and enjoy the solitude

As you are traveling alone, it can be rather easy to dismiss the idea of eating a hearty meal and think of it as fuel instead of an indulgence. But as you are traveling alone, there would be no compromises to make as regards where to eat and you alone would dictate where you wish to dine. Reward yourself and go to a proper restaurant and enjoy an indulgent meal as much as you would when you are with company. Getting a table might be a lot easier too considering you are just a party of one.

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