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The Top Five Travel Destinations in Pasig City



Pasig City

The long list of travel destinations in the Philippines does not include Pasig City even though this city has shown a lot of potential over the years.

Pasig City is more than just the famous city home to the well-known Pasig River. Pasig City offers tourists and visitors more than what history can tell. Not many know but Pasig City is home to world-class travel destinations that are ready to serve world class clients as well.

Below are the top five travel destinations in Pasig City and this list includes destinations that pamper and educates visitor.

1. Ace Water Spa Hotel.

Traveling is tiring and it is a must to relax in between travel activities so that our body would have a little breather after all the walks and runs that roaming around the city gave us. Pasig City has Ace Water Spa Hotel that brings relaxation to a different level. This Spa destination offers the likes of Thermal Pools and Hydro-massage! Such advanced ways to relax in the city, right?

2. Rainforest Park.

This next destination is very apt if a visitor wants adventures. Natives from Pasig City list the Rainforest Park as one of their favorite getaways in the city. This is because Rainforest Park offers a lot of recreational activities. To name some, Rainforest Park has a mini Zoo, wall climbing facilities, a butterfly garden and a lot more. They even have a pool inside in a very minimal fee.

3. Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park.

This park is very friendly to kids. It requires people to jump on many obstacles and on cushions. Many people say that this park is very good in relieving one’s stress. Perhaps it really is! Those cushions they have are very comfortable after all.

4. Lopez Museum and Library.

Sometimes travelers travel in order to learn the history of the place. This museum displays paintings of famous Filipino painters like Luna and Hidalgo. Fans of these painters should not miss this museum. People say that Luna and Hidalgo’s works do not disappoint. Spanish influenced paintings are also displayed in it. It is also located near malls. This is very convenient for travelers.

5. Pasig Cathedral Museum.

The Philippines is a Christian country. Because of that, Filipinos were able to cultivate a rich Christian history all over the country. In Pasig City, it has the Pasig Cathedral Museum that houses many religious artifacts from the Pasig Cathedral. It a traveler is a history lover, this museum should be included in his or her travel itinerary. This highly maintained museum houses old holy crosses and clothes that were personally used by priests in the old days.

Tourists and visitors have always ignored Pasig City’s beauty. It is a fact that people go to NCR and just pass by this humble city. People even do not classify Pasig City as one of the best places to live in NCR. Perhaps it is time to change that. Let it be known that Pasig City offers an equally competitive number of establishments and travel destinations. In terms of livability and mobility,

Pasig City is proud to have many adequate real estate investors that offer people housings that are located in very accessible locations around the city. To mention one, the Sandstone at Portico by Alveo Land exists. This is a prestigious real estate investment that stands near the travel destinations mentioned above. With that, whether a traveler is seeking for adventure, a place that pampers, a place that educates, or a place to live in, Pasig City is ready to showcase them all.

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