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What to Wear Kayaking in Hot Weather: A Guide for Adventure Seekers



what to wear kayaking in hot weather

Are you ready to explore the waterways and immerse yourself in nature through Kayaking? Kayaking is a great outdoor activity that offers an incredible experience and an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. However, before you hit the water, you must be appropriately dressed to stay comfortable, safe, and stylish. This article will provide the following:

  • A comprehensive guide on what to wear.
  • Kayaking in hot weather.
  • Ensuring that you are well-equipped for your adventure.

1. Understanding the Weather Conditions

The weather conditions are the first thing you must consider when preparing for a kayaking trip. When kayaking in hot weather, you must be prepared for high temperatures, humidity, and intense UV rays. These factors can cause discomfort, dehydration, sunburn, and even heat stroke if not adequately prepared.

2. Choosing the Right Clothing

When it comes to kayaking attire, choosing breathable, quick-drying, and lightweight clothing is essential. This will keep you cool and comfortable while kayaking. We recommend wearing synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, or spandex, which are ideal for outdoor activities.

2.1. Tops

Choose a lightweight, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying top. A rash guard or a long-sleeved shirt made of synthetic material is an excellent choice for Kayaking. These shirts offer sun protection and are perfect for preventing sunburns. Avoid cotton t-shirts as they tend to stay wet and can cause discomfort.

2.2. Bottoms

You can wear shorts, board shorts, or leggings made of synthetic material for your kayaking bottoms. These materials are quick-drying and provide flexibility and mobility for paddling. However, lightweight pants are an excellent choice if you prefer full coverage.

2.3. Footwear

Wearing the proper footwear is essential when kayaking. Water shoes, sandals, or sneakers are all great options. Choose shoes that have a good grip, are quick-drying, and provide enough support for your feet. Avoid flip flops as they can easily slip off your feet, making it difficult to maintain balance.

2.4. Headwear

Wearing a hat or a visor is crucial when kayaking in hot weather. It will protect your face, ears, and neck from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Choose a hat or visor that has a brim that provides shade and is made of breathable material.

3. Essential Kayaking Gear

Apart from clothing, there are other essential items you need to wear when kayaking. These items will ensure your safety and comfort while paddling.

3.1. Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

A PFD is a must-have item when kayaking, regardless of the weather conditions. It is a lifesaving device that will keep you afloat if you fall into the water. Ensure that you wear a PFD that fits correctly and is comfortable.

3.2. Sunglasses

They wore sunglasses when Kayaking is essential as it protects your eyes from the sun’s glare. Choose sunglasses with polarized lenses, as they reduce glare and provide clear vision.

3.3. Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen before you start your kayaking adventure is essential. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and use it on all exposed areas of your skin.

3.4. Water Bottle

Dehydration is a common problem when kayaking in hot weather. Ensure that you bring enough water to keep yourself hydrated throughout your trip.


Kayaking is an exciting and Kayaking is an exciting and adventurous activity that requires proper planning and preparation, especially when kayaking in hot weather. To ensure that you have an enjoyable experience, it is essential to dress appropriately for the weather conditions, wear the right gear, and stay hydrated. By following the tips in this guide, you will be well-equipped for your kayaking adventure and ready to explore the great outdoors.


Can I wear a cotton t-shirt when kayaking in hot weather?

Wearing cotton t-shirts when kayaking in hot weather is not recommended, as they tend to stay wet and can cause discomfort. It is best to wear synthetic fabrics that are quick-drying and breathable.

Do I need to wear a PFD when kayaking in hot weather?

Yes, you wear a PFD when Kayaking is essential, regardless of weather conditions. A PFD is a lifesaving device that will keep you afloat if you fall into the water.

What type of footwear should I wear when kayaking in hot weather?

It is recommended to wear water shoes, sandals, or sneakers when kayaking in hot weather. These shoes provide a good grip, quick drying, and support for your feet.

How often should I apply sunscreen when kayaking in hot weather?

You are applying sunscreen every two hours or more frequently if you are sweating, or swimming is recommended.

What should I do if I feel overheated or dehydrated during my kayaking trip?

If you feel overheated or dehydrated during your kayaking trip, find a shaded area and rest. Drink water and apply a cold compress to your neck or forehead to cool down. If you experience severe symptoms such as dizziness or confusion, seek medical attention immediately.

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